Christmas Update

We’re not where we were in July when I started this blog–not by a longshot. Gender is no longer as prominent an issue. (I remember when we thought the transracial adoption thing was our big issue.) If I were shopping for a url now, I’d probably pick “Fuck Tourette.” Life changes us. Some years demand more change than others.

Life with special-needs kids, a designation I’m learning to own, is different. My boys are different. I’m different. My husband, well, he’s becoming different, too. We look at success differently. We look at failure differently. We celebrate everything, differently. My kids are fabulous, and when I can hold it all together and remember to breathe, I am a really fabulous mom. I’m learning to own that, too.

This Christmas give yourself a gift. Take a moment to find something in yourself that you can be proud to own, too. If nothing comes immediately to mind, I suspect that after reading a few of these stories you will feel much, much better about yourself.

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